Acute Renal Disease

Acute renal disease is a condition in which kidney stops working properly this is a serious but it can be treated if proper care is taken and detected in initial stage, in this case kidney suddenly stops its operation and once the working of kidney is affected the harmful waste which it throws out from the body start to circulate from legs to the brain and starts poisoning of the organs, if this condition prevails then the other organs too stop to function and a patient of this disease can even die.

Acute Renal Disease Causes
1. If theirs is a blockage in the flow of urine for longer duration then it may cause the kidney to stop functioning or even fail, the problem may further get worse if kidney’s stop working completely. This condition arises when the flow of urine is blocked by some tumor or stones in the way of urine so try to get rid of these conditions well in time before if affect your vital organ like kidney.
2. If due to any reason the flow of blood to the kidneys is stopped, this may be due to different reasons such as an injury etc if the flow of blood is stopped for a specific amount of time then the kidney functions are badly affected and this certainly causes Acute Renal Disease.
3. Some medicines can also cause renal dysfunction, such as some antibiotics, medicines for regulating blood pressure, the dyes which are commonly used in CT scan and most often pain killer medicines. All of the above medications if taken for a prolonged duration can damage your kidneys to such an extent that you may develop this condition.
Acute Renal Disease

Who may be the Victim
The patients of heart, obesity, liver dysfunction and hypertension are the most common victim to Acute Renal Disease, if these problems are prevailing in a patient’s body it is commonly seen that Acute Kidney Disease is just a few steps away from them. So not to become a victim of this condition try to relax, stay calm and stress free, try to lose some weight so as to save your kidneys and your life.

Acute Renal Disease Symptoms
The symptoms of Acute Renal Disease are not detected in the initial stage that’s the worse part of this disorder, or sometimes they are so mild that people ignore it until it’s too late. The most seen symptoms of this condition are swelling in hand and feet, appetite loss, problems in urination, nausea and vomiting may occur, giddiness, pain in the back and the feeling of anxiety or restlessness if any one of these symptoms are present in your body then go and consult your physician immediately as this may be the beginning of acute Kidney failure.

Acute Renal Disease is very critical condition and proper medical care should be undergone as soon as the symptoms of this disorder are detected, if you are ignoring it then know for sure no one in this world can save you, so take proper care of your kidneys because till they are in shape you are alive.