Renal Dysfunction

Most of the patients who get affected by Renal Dysfunction are not able to recover and die in early stages of life. There is no such treatment available to heal the damaged kidneys. As we know, kidney works as a disinfectant for the body it filters the blood and removes all the toxic chemicals from the body through urine. Now can you imagine, what will happen if it stop working? All the toxic will not be able to get removed from the body and they will circulate in the body which will damage the other organs of the body too. The Renal Dysfunction can be of two types the first one is acute kidney failure and second is chronic kidney failure ; the causes are different for both but the symptoms are same.

Renal Dysfunction Symptoms
Many people who are suffering from Renal Dysfunction can not see any symptoms, which are serious in nature in the initial stages of the disease, these symptoms are aggravated in the advanced stages of the disease, so me of these symptoms are:
1. Excessive urination, which occurs specially at night.
2. Anxiety and giddiness with problems in sleeping or an insomnia sort of a situation may arise.
3. Pain in joints and muscles at the time of evening may be discomforting along with swelling in the feet and ankles, all these things show that kidney is experiencing trouble in managing the water levels in the body due to which this swelling is occurred.
4. A slight enlargement of skin around the eyes can also be the symptom of kidney failure.
Besides the above symptoms some other symptoms may also occur like dry or itchy skin, problems in concentrating on something, fatigue and loss of appetite, all these symptoms occur because the toxins in the body pollute the system and steal the energy of the body. One other symptom is the smell of ammonia in the breath and patient may feel a metallic taste in the mouth.
Renal Dysfunction
Renal Dysfunction Diagnosis
For initial diagnosis of Renal Dysfunction the blood sample is taken and the first thing which is examined is creatinine level, actually creatinine is a toxic material which is produced by the muscles of the body and is thrown out of the body with the help of kidneys. The level of this material rises when the function of kidney is affected. A urine test may be administered to look out for white or red blood cells and presence of protein in urine.

Who are at Risk
This disorder can easily attack on the persons who are having high blood pressure, diabetes or the history of kidney diseases in the family. Along with these the people who take excess medicines are also prone to Renal Dysfunction.

Renal Dysfunction is a dangerous condition and must not be ignored in any case in this case patient must be hospitalized to check whether the kidneys can be revived or not if the chances of reviving is not there. Patients would have to go for Kidney Dialysis to remove the toxic substances from the body ,  this process should be done on regular basis to avoid falling in renal toxicity stage, and as to keep the patient in healthy stage.