Renal Toxicity

Renal toxicity is one of the most common diseases that is caused when body is so much exposed to drugs that are harmful for the kidney and they may cause damage to it. As kidney is a vital part of the body, it takes out excess waste material and urine out of your body. When there occurs a situation in which due to the presence of these harmful toxics, kidney damages then it became unable to perform this important function because the body electrolytes present in the body like magnesium and potassium will be elevated.

When a kidney gets exposure to the halogenated hydrocarbons like carbon tetra chloride, trichloroethylene and the heavy metals like lead and cadmium then toxic injury is caused. There are various types of toxic that tend to the renal failure by causing chronic injury and they may also cause renal impairment conditions and acute kidney failure. In addition, if there occurs exposure of chemical substances then that may cause bad effects to the urethra, urinary bladder or kidney that is called renal toxicity. Nephrotoxicity is another name for renal toxicity .
Renal Toxicity

How to diagnose Renal Toxicity
1- ) Creatinine
For making energy for your muscles, a Creatinine serum is present after the chemical creatinine is broken-down by the body. The important task of kidney is to filter out the large amount of Creatinine present in the body and the kidney performs this task every day. If there occur any problem in kidney then the level or amount of these creatinine increases in the body as kidney is unable to filter out excess Creatinine and your body shows creatinine level increased. The normal value of creatinine in a body is 0.7-1.4 mg/dl.

2- ) Blood urea nitrogen-
In the form of urea, your body reflects the amount of nitrogen present in the body and blood nitrogen urea is the amount of that nitrogen. Therefore the doctors, to check the amount of nitrogenous waste present in your blood streams, use blood urea nitrogen. When the kidney became unable to filter the amount of urea that is necessary to be filtered out than it means there is some kidney disease present in a body. The normal amount of blood urine nitrogen present in the body is 10-25 mg/dl.

Toxic are the harmful poisonous substances so renal toxicity is a very big cause of many kidney diseases. Disease is a word, hearing which person became tensed and today there are thousands of diseases that are becoming a cause of trouble for people. Diseases occur because people are not taking care of their body. If preventions are taken then you yourself be able to solve half of the problem. Kidney is an important part for a human body so proper care should be taken when there occur problems related to kidney. If you are feeling any troubles related to renal then consult a doctor as soon as possible and take proper renal treatment. Avoiding any symptoms may become harmful or many times life taking for a patient.