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Renal Infarction

Renal Infarction
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Renal Infarction refers to the kidney illness medical condition, which means the death of an area of tissue due to lack of oxygen. When any parts of kidney not get proper amount of oxygen that result, destroys the tissue in the kidney. This can become severe if the large portion of kidney is not getting proper amount of oxygen, large area is affected badly, and all tissues of kidney are dead. When the level of oxygen gets low in the renal arteries then the tissue are damages and leads to the development of renal infarction. Some common symptom of possible renal infarction condition : –

These above symptoms help the person to know about this renal medical condition and can contact the doctor immediately. This disease can affect the break down the functioning of kidney because when tissue dies then the kidney stop its proper working and that leads to the infraction of kidney. Why this happens there are some most important causes of renal infarction which are given beneath :-

  • Arteries Blockage
  • Blood Clots
  • Arteriosclerosis and Fibrodisplasia