Renal Infection

Renal Infection is an infection of kidney which is caused by a bacteria known as e-coli, this bacteria enters the body with the blood, once infected by this bacteria the conditions of high fever along with the back pain occurs, the bladder too gets infected by this bacteria. This infection is really fatal and can cause inflammation and pain in the kidneys and can destroy the cells of the kidney. If the cells of the kidney are seriously damaged then it stops working and result in a renal failure situation where the only option is left of dialysis or replacement of the kidney.

Stages of Renal Infection
1. The first condition of Renal Infection is Acute Pyelonephritis, if the infection is detected in this primary stage then the treatment is really easy and can be done with the help of some antibiotic medicines and some herbal remedies for this stage of infection are available to and are pretty successful in resolving this condition.
2. The second and the serious type of infection is Chronic Pyelonephritis, this type of infection is called an active infection and it spreads quickly to an uncontrollable level and it causes serious damage to the whole urinary system.
3. The third infection is called Emphysematous Pyelonephritis, this type of infection is commonly found in the patients of diabetes, in this particular infection gas molecules are found in the kidneys and the adjacent areas which is not good for the working of kidneys.
4. The fourth type of infection is Pyonephorosis; this is a infection in which the ureters are blocked as a result of this the urine is unable to go to the bladder from kidneys, in such case the flow of urine is disturbed and the whole urinary system becomes infected and it leads to serious health problems.
5. The fifth type of infection is known as Renal Abscesses ; in this stage of Renal Infection the pus chunks can be found near the kidney in this sort of infection the kidney can shut its functions down and cause a complete renal failure. This is a very serious situation a patient may even die because of kidney failure.

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Cure for Kidney Infections
1. The first type of medication which can be given in Renal Infection is the dosage of antibiotics the most commonly used drug which is given in this condition is Amoxicillin the other drugs which can be prescribed are Cipro, Septra and Noroxin. The doctors check the urine report about the amount of infection in the kidney and then he accordingly decides the dosage of these drugs.
2. Take lots of fluid to flush the toxic and waste from your kidney. It can also flush the bacteria out of your body.
3. Try to avoid any other medication while your kidney infection is treated completely but if it is necessary then first consult your doctor before taking any other drug.

So we can see now how dangerous and fatal the Renal Infection could be so look for the symptoms and go to the physician and start renal treatment as soon as possible so you are not in a deep trouble regarding this infection as you now know that this infection in most cases is treatable.