Renal Parenchyma ( Renal Parenchymal )

Renal Parenchymal Disease
Renal means something which is related to kidney, renal parenchyma is the functional tissue of kidney that consists of nephrons. These tissues are very important tissues for the organ for the proper functioning of kidney. Nowadays many people are suffering from renal parenchymal disease, when the cells (nephrons) of kidney damages due to unavoidable circumstances. Renal parenchyma plays a vital role in our kidney because with the help of these cells our kidney works properly, if these cells get damage then it will create many diseases regarding kidney. Kidney is the most essential organ of our body, which plays several important functions in our body such as :–

  • Balance the amount of chemicals present in our body
  • It releases hormones
  • It controls our blood pressure
  • It removes wastes from our body
  • Purifies the blood
  • Produce vitamin D

Kidneys perform several important functions in our body, which helps us to keep our body fit. Kidney is the essential part of our body because they perform the function which keeps us free from many diseases, they dispose all the waste material from our body and sometimes with the help of it many disease are set out. There are ample of kidney diseases that anyone can suffer and some of the most critical diseases are – acute kidney failure, chronic renal failure, amyloidosis, kidney stones, hematuria, renal infarction, renal artery stenosis, urinary tract infection, renal tubular acidosis etc.

Renal parenchymal disease is a common disease which is caused because of secondary hypertension. There are many therapies and medications, which can treat this disease effectively – hormone therapy, dietary changes and medical monitoring.

Many people are suffering from this renal impairment related illness, acute and chronic renal disease are the most dangerous disease that is leading to death. This disease can be characterized by the changing pattern of renal parenchymal cells (nephrons), when the creatinine and urea level increases in the blood. The treatment of this disease differs as the stages of disease either it is chronic or acute. There are many treatments to get rid from this disease like – medicinal treatment which is preferred by the doctor when the disease is not at its crucial stage.

Surgery is preferred when there is no option and medicinal treatment is not sufficient. Hemodialysis is just preferred when there is no option and patient has very critical condition. In the homeopathy treatment, patient is treated, not the disease doctors diagnose the patient’s condition first and then start renal treatment and try to remove the disease from its root. This treatment takes a long period but it is effective have no side effects.