Renal Agenesis

Renal agencies mean the failure of kidney creation during fetal growth. Renal agenesis can be unilateral or it can also be bilateral. Unilateral means one kidney is present in the body and bilateral means kidney is not present or very little kidney is present. These two types of renal agenesis and they are very much different with each other and among them unilateral agenesis is more favorable because it is possible to live with one kidney. Kidney is the most important part of the body it is necessary to have at least one kidney through which it can performs all its functions that are as follows :-

  • Kidney plays an important role to filter extra fluid and waste from the blood.
  • Keep the blood level of electrolytes and minerals like sodium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus healthy.
  • It also helps to maintain healthy blood pressure.
  • Kidney release hormones, that is important for the proper functioning of the body.

Therefore, if a person is not having two kidneys then at least one is very important. Kidney is present at the each of the spinal column below the ribcage. Each of them contains Nephron that are the microscopic filter lobules. They transfer bodily waste to the urinary system.
Renal Agenesis
Types of Renal agencies

  • I. Unilateral renal agenesis
  • II. Bilateral renal agenesis

About Unilateral Renal Agenesis
There is no particular treatment is needed but if there occur complications then it is necessary to go to the doctor so that those complications can be handled. Although there are some tests that are to be performed once in a year to check that whether the unilateral kidney is functioning properly or not that are – physical examination, checking blood pressure, and blood and urine tests. The persons who are having unilateral renal agencies are advised to maintain the temperature of the body below 130/80 so that kidney damage is prevented.

As such there is not any specific diet prepared for the people suffering from unilateral renal agencies but they should avoid taking excess sodium in their daily diet because sodium tends to increase blood pressure. Except that it is also not advisable for them to take excess protein also because it gives stress to the kidney to take out the breakdown products caused by the protein. Therefore, people should take precautions because they are having just one kidney and if it is damaged then it became tough to save life of the patient.

Bilateral Renal agencies
If a person is suffering from bilateral renal agenesis then inadequate ling development is caused and it results in fatal deaths. People normally do not suffer from this disease. One out of five thousand suffers from this critical disease. In this, both the kidney is damaged and this absence of kidney tends to cause oligohydramnious that is a deficiency of amniotic fluid. This condition is very bad and life taking because a person can survive in one kidney but if both the kidney ruined then there is no other way left for the person then to transplant a kidney but kidney transplant is not very much successful till now.