Renal Gland

Renal gland is very important for a body they perform many important functions that are as follows-

  • 1. Remove wastes and water from the body
  • 2. It helps to balance chemical present in the body
  • 3. It releases hormones
  • 4. It helps to control blood pressure
  • 5. It helps in the production of red blood cells
  • 6. To keep bones strong it also produces vitamin D
  • 7. Hormones secretion
  • 8. Osmolality regulation

Symptoms alarming about renal gland diseases :-

  • 1- There occur changes in urination  :  As we know kidneys makes urine so if they are in the stage of damaging then there occurs changes in urination. You may need to go for urination at mid night, blood comes out with urine, you may feel difficult in urinating, etc.
  • 2- Swelling :  Extra fluid is not removed by the kidneys when they are about to fall that leads to the swelling in legs, hands, face, feet and other parts of the body
  • 3- Fatigue :  Erythropoietin that is a Harmon that is formed when the kidneys became healthy. They inform your body to make red blood cells and when the renal gland fails, there is a less formation of Erythropoietin. These results in less number of red blood cells carry blood to your muscles that makes your brain tired and you feel fatigue.
  • 4- Itching in skin :  One of the important functions of renal gland is to remove wastes from the bloodstream and when kidney fails then it cannot perform the job that results in itching in the skin.
  • 5- Ammonia breath  :  If kidney is not working properly then buildup of waste in the blood changes the taste of food and cause metallic taste in mouth that resulted in a bad breath.
  • 6- Vomiting and nausea  :  Severe waste buildup in your blood is a greatest cause of frequent vomiting and due to this person is unable to take proper diet that leads to the weight loss.
  • 7- Breath shortness :  Due to the extra fluid that is build up in the lungs and anemia is the reason due to which you will suffer from shortness of breath.
  • 8- Feel cold  :  Due to anemia you will constantly feel cold whether you are in cold room of not.
  • 8- Dizziness
  • 9- Trouble in concentrating
  • 10- Leg pain

renal gland
Common causes of kidney disease
One of the most common causes of most of the kidney disease about 40 % of the diabetics develops complications of the kidney damage. The second most common cause of the kidney disease is hypertension. It is calculated that hypertension affect 20% of the adult population in most of the countries. other causes of kidney failure include polycystic kidney disease, kidney stone, kidney infection, pylonephritis, hypertension, etc. It is necessary to keep in mind the necessary precautions because health is the most important thing every thing is depends on that .