Renal Arteries

Renal arteries are very essential for the kidney as the major function of these arteries is to provide blood to the kidneys. Renal arteries are present above the renal veins. There may be two or more than two arteries serving each kidney. The arteries present in the kidney are the pair of large blood vessel that branch from the abdominal aorta to the kidneys. At the inner concavity present in the each kidney there is an opening that is called Hilum and it is the place from where the renal arteries passes. If the functioning of arteries blocked due to any disease, that result in harming the kidney

Diseases in renal arteries are caused when the plaque is buildup in the arteries that leads to the kidneys. Now it is necessary to understand the term plaque so plaque is a mixture of cholesterol and fats and it make the arteries stiffen and narrow when it accumulates in the renal arteries. It tends to block the blood flow in the kidney. Those obstructions that are caused due to this are also called artery stenosis. This all lead to many problems in human body like kidney failure, congestive heart failure and high blood pressure.
renal arteries

There are many risk factors involve in renal artery diseases that are diabetes, high cholesterol, smoking, high blood pressure, a family history of coronary artery disease, a family history of peripheral arterial disease, a family history of renal artery disease and Neurofibromatosis. Many of the risks of renal arteries disease are same as those of Atherosclerosis that occurs in the other parts of the human body.

Usually many people remain untreated, that untreated renal arteries keep on going in the worse condition, and finally that results in kidney failure. There are many treatments available for renal arteries disease doctors opted them according to the severity of the disease and person’s health. There is no perfect treatment for renal arteries until now the treatment is fully dependent on your conditions like

  • I. How severe your disease is that is it curable or not.
  • II. Where the blockages are formed in arteries. If they are formed in the body parts that are critical then the treatment for that is also very difficult
  • III. The symptoms from which you are suffering.
  • IV. The status of your overall health that is you are in a condition to be treated or not.

There are many common renal arteries diseases like Renal Artery Stenosis is a disease, which is caused due to Fibromuscular Dysplasia or atherosclerosis in which renal artery, became narrowed. The important causes of this dangerous disease include diabetes, high cholesterol, dissection, high blood pressure, smoking, and Atherosclerosis. If these symptoms are there in your body then you might be suffering from renal arteries stenosis. It is very necessary to diagnose this disease and for this, a doctor recommends different ways to diagnose :-

  • I. Ultrasonography
  • II. Magnetic resonance
  • III. Angiography
  • IV. Computed Tomography angiography
  • V. Captopril Renal Scintigraphy
  • VI. Captopril test