Acute Renal Failure ( ARF )

The kidney is an organ in our body that resembles like bean. This organ performs several essential functions to save our body from the various diseases; this organ also serves as natural filter of the blood. Kidney is a very important organ of the body because it is responsible for the re-absorption of water, glucose and amino acids. Kidneys are positioned in the abdominal cavity. There are couples of important functions which kidney performs such as :–

  • Kidney regulates the blood pressure through initiating the hormone regulatory Renin-Angiotensin System ( RAS ), and by urinary excretion of wastes from the body
  • Helps in producing hormones
  • Regulates an acid-base balance
  • Purifies the blood
  • Stimulates red blood cell by releasing hormone Erythropoietin.

Acute Renal Failure
These above are some more important works of kidney, which keeps our body safe from various diseases, and it controls the amount of calcium present in our body. Kidney removes wastes from our body by this process- foods and drinks enters from the esophagus to the stomach and broken into nutrients, nutrients enter into blood stream and used by the body for growth, energy and maintenance of body. Extra nutrients, which are not absorbed by the body are removed by the kidney and waste products and material moves from kidney to bladder and ultimately it is disposed.

Acute renal failure ( ARF ) or acute kidney injury both terms are same, in this condition kidney cannot perform its function properly. Acute refers to the sudden loss of kidney functions. There are several reasons for this disease and some of the most crucial are – A sudden blockage like a tumor, kidney stones, renal gland dysfunction, an injury..etc. If you are suffering from any long term health problem. An injury or any infection called sepsis can decrease the amount of blood flow from hearth to kidney. Dehydration can also cause this disease if fluid is not flowing in the arteries.

This disease can be diagnosed if person is suffering from these symptoms – breath odor, decrease appetite, fatigue, high blood pressure, flank pain, nausea, excessive urination and seizures. If any people suffer from this disease must contact the doctor and should go for these medical tests like – Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate, Urinalysis, Elood Electrolyte etc. after the diagnosis the doctor must start the treatment with medicines. Doctor must tell the diet to the patient that how much he/she can take liquid and what amount of food one can acquire. Patient must acquire diet which is low in protein, potassium and salt but high in carbohydrates. And if the condition is very serious then doctor must prefer for dialysis. Acute Renal Failure is the very dangerous disease, nowadays many people are suffering from this disease.

This is a steady and fast deterioration of the kidney functioning, this happens when the kidney fails to pull out the wastes, this disease is caused when the volume of the blood is low. Acute renal failure creates many other problems like – change in the balance of body fluid, increase in the potassium level in the blood. When this disease comes at its crucial stage, it becomes very dangerous and patient dies.